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Wedding dress, location, catering, photographer and rings – many people spend a fortune on the most beautiful day in life. Everything should be perfect so that the wedding is an unforgettable experience. Several thousand or even ten thousand dollars quickly come together for this – a reason to take out a wedding loan. This is a normal installment loan that you can usually use freely. You can find out the details in this article.

How much does a wedding cost?

How much does a wedding cost?

The cost of a wedding strongly depends on the requirements of the newlyweds. Usually, 10,000 to 20,000 dollars (there are no upper limits) are not uncommon. How many guests do you want to invite? Do you want to buy or rent the wedding dress? Which location should it be? Are you planning a honeymoon? And how would you like to spoil yourself and your guests on this day? You should clarify these and other questions in advance in order to calculate the expenses for the wedding.

The wedding catering includes drinks, meals and party favors. You can quickly see from the costs that there can be significant differences in which menu or drinks you choose. Basically there are no upper limits, but you should also stay on the floor with some things at your own wedding. Your guests will certainly not “resent” you if you don’t have champagne and caviar all day.

When does a wedding loan make sense?

When does a wedding loan make sense?

You don’t want to do without anything for your wedding, but you don’t have enough capital? Then a wedding loan can be worthwhile. The prerequisite is that you can easily repay the loan. You should check your financial position in advance.

What is the common income? What are the monthly costs? Are there any other special issues pending, such as for honeymoons or planned offspring? And what loan rate can you afford monthly? If your financial options are limited, a wedding loan is not recommended. After all, it should be the most beautiful day in life and not lead to financial difficulties.

What are the requirements for an installment loan?

What are the requirements for an installment loan?

A wedding loan is tied to various requirements. As an applicant, you must be of legal age and resident in the country. You also need sufficient creditworthiness. This is checked by a credit query. If you are noticed by negative entries, you usually have no chance of a loan. In addition, your income must be in line with the loan amount. All lenders are convinced of the borrower’s ability to repay the installment loan. To do this, they usually require proof of income, such as pay slips or the current income tax assessment.

Here are the requirements for a wedding loan:

  • You must be of legal age
  • Your permanent residence must be in the country
  • You have an adequate credit rating
  • You have no negative entries at the credit bureaus
  • You have a regular income

What do you need to consider for a wedding loan?

What do you need to consider for a wedding loan?

You will find the right installment loan for your wedding. Compare easily available offers and determine the optimal credit rate. Please note the following aspects.

The exact loan amount

Calculate the exact loan amount in advance. It would be annoying if there wasn’t enough money afterwards and you didn’t get another loan. The credit volume also influences the term, the repayment period and the sum of the interest.

Repayment modalities / special repayments

The cheapest loan is not always the best. The contract terms are also critical and should fit your financial condition. The terms of repayment are important. What is the term of the loan? How much is the monthly rate? And are special repayments possible? The latter enable quick repayment and are always useful for an installment loan. In principle, the faster you pay off the loan, the lower the borrowing costs. With a wedding loan, you should especially consider those loans that offer free total repayment.

Borrower: he, she, or both?

The possible loan amount and contract details depend on the financial situation of the borrower. What is important is the amount of income and the credit query. If the bride or groom has negative credit entries, the other partner should take out the loan. However, if both can convince you with a positive credit information, you can apply for the loan together as a couple. The advantage: Many banks offer special conditions for couples, such as lower interest rates and a higher loan amount. It also reduces the likelihood that the loan application will be rejected.

Online loan comparison

Loans are not only available from branch banks, but also online. Direct banks on the Internet also have attractive loan offers in their portfolios. Not infrequently, they even offer better conditions.

That is why you should always carry out an online loan comparison. Where? With us you can easily compare the loans of different banks and find the right loan for your wedding. The best thing about it: you not only save interest, but also a lot of time. After the loan comparison, you can conveniently conclude your desired loan online and save yourself the way to a bank branch.

Submit a loan request to several banks

Your loan request was declined? Then it’s time to keep calm. Find out why you did not get the loan and then submit a new, improved application to another bank. Please also read our advice on: What to do if the loan has been rejected? We recommend that you obtain information from credit checker yourself and check that the entries are correct. You can have incorrect information deleted in order to improve your creditworthiness. It is also often worth changing borrowers.

If only the prospective groom has made the rejected application, it can help to apply for a loan as a couple. Or you can simply reduce the budget and thus the necessary loan amount. We would be happy to support you in this process. With us you are guaranteed to find a strong partner for financing your wedding. Use our expert advice if you have any questions or problems . You can reach us by phone and our experts are available free of charge.

Apply for credit as early as possible

Do not wait until shortly before the wedding before applying for the loan. Every request is checked by the bank and it usually takes a few working days. If a loan is declined, you will need additional time to find out the reasons. You may have to obtain credit information yourself and maybe even have entries corrected. This takes more time, which you should definitely plan in.

Conclusion: we make your dream wedding possible!

With us you will find the right offer for your dream wedding. Simply compare loans and apply. The best thing about it: Our loan calculator is non-binding and free of charge. Dare and finance your wedding with a cheap loan!

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